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Microbiology Service

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Microbiology Section

  • UCSF Clinical Laboratories China Basin
  • 185 Berry Street
  • San Francisco, CA 94107
  • Phone: 415-353-1268
  • Fax: 415-353-1829



Consultative and laboratory referral services are provided in all areas of microbiology, to assist in the selection and processing of diagnostic specimens. Areas of special expertise include viral isolation and antigen detection, isolation and identification of unusual bacteria and fungi, and the identification of parasites.

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Microbiology Services
Service Name Mission Bay Moffitt Mt. Zion SFGH VAMC


Direct Exam: Gram stain; Clostridium difficile toxin; Legionella FA; Rapid strep Group A; Pertussis PCR

Culture: Aerobic only; Aerobic & Anaerobic; CF respiratory culture; Gonococci; Beta-strep; Legionella

Yes Yes


Direct exam: AFB smear

Culture: AFB culture (includes Nocardia)

Yes Yes


Direct exam: Cryptococcal antigen; KOH exam

Culture: CSF Cryptococcal culture; CSF Cocci culture; Fungal culture; Yeast; Aspergillus

Yes Yes


Direct exam: CMV antigen; Rotavirus antigen; HSV direct Ag; VZV direct Ag; Respiratory virus direct antigens (RSV, FluA, FluB, Adeno, Paraflu1,2,3)

Culture: Herpes simplex culture; CMV culture; Enterovirus culture


Genotyping: HCV Genotyping

Chlamydial: DNA detection; C. trachomatis culture

Yes Yes


Direct exam: Routine Ova and Parasite exam; Trichomonas; Microsporidia smear exam; Giardia EIA; Malaria exam

Yes Yes

Molecular microbiology

Bacteriology: Bordetella pertussis PCR

Virology: HSV PCR; VZV PCR; EBV PCR; BK PCR; HCV Genotyping

Yes Yes

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