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Tarik Tihan, MD, PhD

Research and Clinical Interests

My goal is to develop a better understanding of the critical elements for histological classification of primary CNS neoplasms with specific emphasis on pediatric brain tumors, their distinctive subtypes and prognostic markers for each subtype. Our observations contributed to the understanding of biological behavior and molecular features in some tumors such as pilomyxoid astrocytomas. My laboratory actively collaborates with many colleagues from the Brain Tumor Research Center, UCSF, and scientists from national and international organizations and universities to better define tumor entities, their molecular signatures and novel diagnostic or prognostic markers. I participate in the activities of California Childhood Brain Tumor Consortium, Children’s Oncology Group and WHO Classification of Tumours of the Nervous System as well as the WHO Classification of Tumours of Endocrine Organs. I take an active role in professional pathology organizations including national and international societies.

Teaching and educational activities form a crucial part of my activities with a primary emphasis on international outreach. I do hope that with efforts of colleagues from developed countries, we can close the technological and economical gaps that prevent our colleagues in the developing world from fully contributing to world science. I work with numerous individuals and organizations to create a more integrated world across the oceans and to advance science as one people and one world.

Selected Publications

  • Mack SC, , Agnihotri S, Bertrand KC et al. Spinal Myxopapillary Ependymomas Demonstrate a Warburg Phenotype. Clinical Cancer Research. 2015 Aug 15; 21(16):3750-8. PMID: 25957288
  • Phillips J, Tihan T, Fuller G. Practical molecular pathology and histopathology of embryonal tumors. Surgical Pathology Clinics. 2015 Mar; 8(1):73-88. PMID: 25783823
  • Tihan T. Practical issues in diagnostic neuropathology: it is not even the end of the beginning! Surgical Pathology Clinics. 2015 Mar; 8(1):ix-x. PMID: 25783828
  • Menke JR, Raleigh DR, Gown AM, et al. Somatostatin receptor 2a is a more sensitive diagnostic marker of meningioma than epithelial membrane antigen. Acta Neuropathologica. 2015 Sep; 130(3):441-3. PMID: 26195322
  • Rodriguez FJ, Schniederjan MJ, Nicolaides T, et al. High rate of concurrent BRAF-KIAA1549 gene fusion and 1p deletion in disseminated oligodendroglioma-like leptomeningeal neoplasms (DOLN). Acta Neuropathologica. 2015 Apr; 129(4):609-10. PMID: 25720745
  • Torchia J, Picard D, Lafay-Cousin L, et al. Molecular subgroups of atypical teratoid rhabdoid tumours in children: an integrated genomic and clinicopathological analysis. Lancet Oncology. 2015 May; 16(5):569-82. PMID: 25882982
  • Eckel-Passow JE, Lachance DH, Molinaro AM, et al. Glioma Groups Based on 1p/19q, IDH, and TERT Promoter Mutations in Tumors. The New England Journal of Medicine 2015, 372(26):2499-2508.

Selected Awards

  • 2008 Cukurova Pathology Society
  • 2009 AWADIAP, Association of West African Pathologists
  • 2010 Moroccon Hematology and Pediatric Oncology Society
  • 2010 Ankara Pathology Society
  • 2012 Turkish Federation of Pathology Societies, Neuropathology Working Group
  • 2013 Karadeniz Technical University School of Medicine
  • 2014 Aegean Pathology Society
  • 2014 Izmir Katip Celebi University
  • 2015 UCSF Department of Neurological Surgery

Additional Information

Tarik Tihan, MD, PhD
  • Professor of Pathology
  • Pathology
  • Neuropathology

Specialty Area


Contact Information

Mailing/Shipping Address:

  • UCSF
  • Tarik Tihan, MD, PhD
  • Pathology, Box 0102
  • 505 Parnassus Avenue, Room M551
  • San Francisco, CA 94143

Other UCSF Organizational Association(s)

  • Brain Tumor Research Center
  • Center for Cerebrovascular Research

Hospital Affiliation(s)

  • UCSF Medical Center
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