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Philip C. Ursell, MD

Research and Clinical Interests

Developmental heart defects, structural basis for cardiac arrhythmias

Selected Publications

  • Ursell PC. Noncompaction in the Fetus and Neonate: An Autopsy Study. American Journal of Medical Genetics Part C Seminars in Medical Genetics 2013; 9999: 1-9.
  • Steinhaus DA, Vittinghoff E, Moffatt E, Hart A, Ursell PC, Tseng ZH. Characteristics of sudden cardiac death in a diverse urban community. American Heart J 2012; 163: 125-31.
  • Losada E, Moon-Grady A, Strohsnitter WC, Wu D, Ursell PC. Anomalous mitral arcade in twin-twin transfusion syndrome. Circulation 2010; 122: 1456-1463.
  • Ng D, Bouhlal Y, Ursell PC, Shieh JTC. Monoamniotic monochorionic twins discordant for noncompaction cardiomyopathy. American Journal of Medical Genetics Part A 2013; 161-1339-1344.
  • Friedberg MK, Ursell PC, Silverman NH. Isomerism of the left atrial appendage associated with ventricular noncompaction. Amer J Cardiol 2005; 96: 985-990.

Additional Information

Philip C. Ursell, MD
  • Professor
  • Pathology

Specialty Area

Developmental pathology and cardiovascular pathology

Contact Information

Hospital Affiliation(s)

  • Moffitt-Long
  • UCSF Medical Center
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