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James H. McKerrow, PhD, MD

Research and Clinical Interests

The general interests of my laboratory revolve around the biology of the host parasite relationship. We study organisms that range from primitive single cell protozoa to complex multicellular bloodflukes. Among our specific projects are the study of alterations in development of schistosome parasites in immunosuppressed hosts, the molecular mechanisms of host skin invasion by schistosome cercariae, the network of proteases involved in hemoglobin degradation and the cell biology of Trypanosoma cruzi, Trypanosoma brucei, and Giardia lamblia. We are an eclectic lab with expertise that spans cellular immunology to structural biology. We are located in the new QB3 building on the Mission Bay Campus. At QB3 we coordinate our work with the Sandler Center for Research in Parasitic Diseases that utilizes techniques from a variety of disciplines to develop new drugs for parasitic diseases.

Selected Publications

  • Heute-Perez JA, Engel JC, Brinen LS, Mottram JC and McKerrow JH. Protease trafficking in two primitive eukaryotes is mediated by a prodomain protein motif. J Biology Chem, 274(23): 16249-16256, 1999
  • Davies, SJ, Grogan J, Blank R, Lim KC, Lockley R, and McKerrow JH. Modulation of bloodfluke development in the liver by unconventional CD4+ hepatic CD4 lymphocytes. Science 294:1358-1361, 2001
  • Sajid M. & McKerrow JH. Cysteine proteases of parasitic organisms. Mol & Biochem Parasitol.120: 1-21, 2002
  • Salter JP, Youngchool C, Albrecht H, Frankliin C, Lim KC, Craik CS, and McKerrow JH. Cercerial elastase is encoded by a functionally conserved gene family across multiple species of schistosomes. J Biol Chem 277(27): 24618-24624, 2002
  • Du X, Chun G, Hansell E, Doyle S, Caffrey C, Holler, T, McKerrow JH, Cohen F. Synthesis and structure-activity relationship study of P\potent typanocidal thio semicarbazone inhibitors of the trypanosomal cysteine protease cruzain. J Med Chem 45(13): 2695-2707, 2002.

Selected Awards

  • Stoll-Stunkard Award, American Society of Parasitology
  • Director, Biomedical Sciences Graduate Program
  • Director, Sandler Center for Basic Research in Parasitic Diseases

Additional Information

James H. McKerrow, PhD, MD
  • Professor and Vice-Chair for Research Affairs
  • Pathology

Contact Information

  • QB3, Mission Bay Campus, Room 508B
  • Box 2550
  • San Francisco, CA 94143
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