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Bradley A. Stohr, MD, PhD

Research and Clinical Interests

My primary clinical interest is the surgical and molecular pathology of urologic neoplasms. My translational work focuses on integrating traditional pathologic diagnostic categories with information derived from new molecular techniques. My basic research work addresses the function of the telomerase enzyme in human cells, with a particular focus on the development of new single cell assays for mapping enzyme activity in situ.

Selected Publications

  • Stohr BA, Xu L, Blackburn EH. 2010. The terminal telomeric DNA sequence determines the mechanism of dysfunctional telomere fusion. Molecular Cell 39:307-314.
  • Diolaiti ME, Cimini BA, Kageyama R, Charles FA, Stohr BA. 2013. In situ visualization of telomere elongation patterns in human cells. Nucleic Acids Res 41:e176.
  • Xu L, Li S, Stohr BA. 2013. The role of telomere biology in human cancer. Annu Rev Pathol. 8:49-78.
  • Mar F, Debnath J, Stohr BA. 2015. Autophagy-independent senescence and genome instability driven by targeted telomere dysfunction. Autophagy 11:527-537.
  • Leapman MS, Cowan JE, Simko J, Roberge G, Stohr BA, Carroll PR, Cooperberg MR. 2016. Application of a prognostic Gleason grade grouping system to assess distant prostate cancer outcomes. Eur Urol 71:750-759.
  • Rudzinski ER, Lockwood CM, Stohr BA, Vargas SO, Sheridan R, Black JO, Rajaram V, Laetsch TW, Davis JL. 2018. Pan-Trk immunohistochemistry identifies NTRK rearrangements in pediatric mesenchymal tumors. Am J Surg Pathol 42:927-935.
  • Sirohi D, Vaske C, Sanborn Z, Smith SC, Don MD, Lindsey KG, Federman S, Vankalakunti M, Koo J, Bose S, Peralta-Venturina M, Ziffle JV, Grenert JP, Miller S, Chiu C, Amin MB, Simko JP, Stohr BA, Luthringer DJ. 2018. Polyoma virus-associated carcinomas of the urologic tract: a clinicopathologic and molecular study. Mod Pathol 31:1429-1441.
  • Leapman MS, Nguyen HG, Cowen JS, Xue L, Stohr B, Simko J, Cooperberg MR, Carroll PR. 2018. Comparing prognostic utility of a single-marker immunohistochemistry approach with commercial gene expression profiling following radical prostatectomy. Eur Urol 74:668-675.
  • Ravindranathan A, Cimini B, Diolaiti ME, Stohr BA. 2018. Preliminary development of an assay for detection of TERT expression, telomere length, and telomere elongation in single cells. PLoS One 13:e0206525.
  • Davis JL, Lockwood CM, Stohr B, Boecking C, Al-Ibraheemi A, DuBois SG, Vargas SO, Black JO, Cox MC, Luquette M, Turpin B, Szabo S, Laetsch TW, Albert CM, Parham DM, Hawkins DS, Rudzinski ER. 2018. Expanding the spectrum of pediatric NTRK-rearranged mesenchymal tumors. Am J Surg Pathol. In Press.

Selected Awards

  • 1996: Medical Scientist Training Program Fellowship
  • 2005: American Cancer Society Postdoctoral Fellowship
  • 2009: Mentored Clinical Scientist Development Award (K08)
  • 2010: UCSF Program for Breakthrough Biomedical Research New Frontier Research Award
  • 2015: American Cancer Society Research Scholar Grant
  • 2017: Stuart Lindsay Endowed Professorship in Experimental Pathology III
  • 2018: UCSF Pathology Resident/Fellow Teaching Award
  • 2018: Medical School Bridges Curriculum Foundations 1 and 2 Teaching Award for Excellence in Small Group Instruction
  • 2018: The Haile T. Debas Academy of Medical Educators Excellence in Teaching Award

Additional Information

Bradley A. Stohr, MD, PhD
  • Associate Professor
  • Pathology

Specialty Area

  • Urologic Pathology
  • Molecular Pathology of Cancer

Contact Information

Mailing/Shipping Address:

  • UCSF
  • Bradley A. Stohr, MD, PhD
  • Pathology, Box 4066
  • 1825 4th Street, Room M2371
  • San Francisco, CA 94143

Hospital Affiliation(s)

  • Mission Bay
  • Moffitt-Long
  • Mt. Zion
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