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Boris C. Bastian, MD

Research and Clinical Interests

My laboratory is interested in the genetic alterations involved in skin cancer pathogenesis and predisposition as well as in understanding their role in biology, markers to improve diagnosis, and targets for treatment.

Selected Publications

  • Curtin JA, Fridlyand J, Kageshita T, Patel H, Busam K, Kutzner H, Cho KH, Aiba S, Bröcker EB, LeBoit PE, Pinkel D, Bastian BC. Distinct Sets of Genetic Alterations in Melanoma. N Engl J Med. 2005 17;353(20):2135-47. PMID 16291983.
  • Landi MT, Bauer J, Pfeiffer RM, Elder DE, Hulley B, Minghetti P, Calista D, Pinkel D, Kanetsky PA, Bastian BC. MC1R Germline Variants Confer Risk for BRAF-Mutant Melanoma. Science 2006;313(5786):512-2.
  • Curtin, J. A., Busam, K., Pinkel, D., and Bastian BC. Somatic Activation of KIT in Distinct Subtypes of Melanoma. J Clin Oncol, 2006 Sep 10; 24(26):4340-6. Epub 2006 Aug 14. PMID 16908931.
  • Viros A, Fridlyand J, Bauer J, Lasithiotakis K, Garbe C, Pinkel D, Bastian BC, Improving Melanoma Classification by Integrating Genetic and Morphologic Features. PLOS Medicine. 2008;5(6):e120. PMCID PMC2408611.
  • Van Raamsdonk, CD, Bezrookove V, Green G, Bauer J, Gaugler L, O’Brien JM, Simpson EM, Barsh GE, Bastian BC. Frequent somatic mutations of GNAQ in uveal melanoma and blue nevi. Nature. 2009 Jan 29;457(7229):599-602. Epub 2008 Dec 10. PMCID PMC2696133.
  • Van Raamsdonk CD, Griewank KG, Crosby MB, Garrido MC, Vemula S, Wiesner T, Obenauf AC, Wackernagel, Werner, Green G, Bouvier N, Sozen MM, Baimukanova G, Roy R, Heguy A, Dogalev I, Khanin R, Busam K, Speicher MR, O'Brien JM, Bastian BC. Mutations in GNA11 in Uveal Melanoma. N Engl J Med 2010; Dec 2;363(23):2191-9. PMID 21083380.
  • Wiesner T, Obenauf AC, Murali R, Fried I, Griewank KG, Ulz P, Windpassinger C, Wackernagel W, Loy S, Wolf I, Viale A, Lash AE, Pirun M, Socci ND, Rütten A, Palmedo G, Abramson D, Offit K, Ott A, Becker JC, Cerroni L, Kutzner H, Bastian BC*, Speicher MR*. Germline mutations in BAP1 predispose to melanocytic tumors. Nat Genet, August 2011, published online ahead of print. *equal contribution

Selected Awards

  • 2005 Hermann Pinkus Lectureship and Award, American Society of Dermatopathology
  • 2008 Abby S. and Howard P. Milstein Innovation Award for Skin Cancer Research, American Skin
  • 2010 President, Society of Melanoma Research
  • 2011 Elected German National Academy of Science (Leopoldina)
Boris C. Bastian, MD
  • Professor
  • Pathology
  • Dermatology

Specialty Area

  • Dermatopathology: Skin cancer biology and genetics

Contact Information

Mailing/Shipping Address:

  • UCSF
  • Boris C. Bastian, MD
  • Box 3116
  • 1450 Third Street, Room HD-281
  • San Francisco, CA 94143

Hospital Affiliation(s)

  • UCSF Mount Zion, Department of Dermatology, Dermatopathology Section
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