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Philip J. Norris, MD

Research and Clinical Interests

The Norris lab research interests focus on how the human immune system responds to viral infections. Early efforts centered on defining how HIV-specific CD4+ T cells might contribute to control of viral infection. A second area of interest has been defining the earliest events of viral infections through study of subjects with HIV, West Nile virus, and hepatitis viruses. Additional projects include understanding how blood transfusion affects the immune system and modulates immune responses in transfusion recipients.

Selected Publications

  • Stacey AR*, Norris PJ* (3), Qin L, Haygreen EA, Taylor E, Heitman J, Lebedeva M, DeCamp A, Li D, Grove D, Self SG, Borrow P. Induction of a striking systemic cytokine cascade prior to peak viremia in acute HIV-1 infection, in contrast to more modest and delayed responses in acute hepatitis B and C virus infections. J Virol 83(8):3719-3733 (2009). *These authors contributed equally to this work.
  • Lanteri MC, O’Brien KM, Cameron MJ, Purtha WE, Lund JM, Owen RE, Heitman JW, Custer B, Hirschkorn DF, Tobler LH, Kiely N, Prince HE, Ndhlovu LC, Nixon DF, Kamel HT, Kelvin DJ, Busch MP, Rudensky AY, Diamond MS, Norris PJ. Regulatory T cells control the development of symptomatic West Nile virus infection. J Clin Invest 119(11):3266-77 (2009).
  • Jackman RP, Utter GH, Muench MO, Heitman JW, Munz MM, Jackman RW, Biswas HH, Rivers RM, Tobler LH, Busch MP, Norris PJ. Distinct roles of trauma and transfusion in induction of immune modulation post-injury. Transfusion 52(12):2533-50 (2012).
  • Jackman RP, Deng X, Bolgiano D, Lebedeva M, Heitman JW, Busch MP, Slichter S, Norris PJ. Low-level HLA antibodies do not predict platelet transfusion failure in TRAP study participants. Blood 121(16):3261-6 (2013).
  • Danesh A, Inglis HC, Jackman RP, Wu S, Deng X, Muench MO, Heitman JW, Norris PJ. Exosomes from RBC units bind to monocytes and induce pro-inflammatory cytokines, boosting T cell responses in vitro. Blood 123(5):687-96 (2014).

Selected Awards

  • 1985 National Merit Scholar
  • 1985 California Scholarship Federation Award
  • 1985 Bank of America Scholar’s Award
  • 1985 - 1989 James B. Black Award (Pacific Gas & Electric Co. 4 year scholarship)
  • 1985 - 1989 University of California Alumni Association Scholar
  • 1985 - 1989 University of California Chancellor’s Scholar
  • 1995 Letter of Commendation for Teaching Excellence, College of Physicians & Surgeons, Columbia University
  • 1999 Chairman, P&S Class of 1995
  • 2000 - 2005 Doris Duke Charitable Foundation Clinical Scientist Development Award
Philip J. Norris, MD
  • Adjunct Professor
  • Laboratory Medicine
  • Blood Systems Research Institute

Specialty Area

  • Immunology, infectious diseases

Contact Information

  • Blood Systems Research Institute
  • 270 Masonic Avenue
  • San Francisco, CA 94118

Web Site

Other UCSF Organizational Association(s)

Clinical Professor

  • Department of Medicine
  • Division of Infectious Diseases

Associate Director

  • Center for AIDS Research

Associate Director, BSRI

  • Blood Systems Research Institute

Hospital Affiliation(s)

  • San Francisco General Hospital & Trauma Center
  • Blood Centers of the Pacific
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