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Girish N. Vyas, PhD

Selected Publications

  • Vyas GN, Babbitt W: Drugs: Biologicals, In Offersmanns S and Rosenthal W (Eds) Encyclopedia of Molecular Pharmacology, II Edition, Springer-Verlag, Berlin, 2008; pp 1-13.
  • Stiehm ER, Keller MA, Vyas GN. Preparation and use of therapeutic immunoglobulins. Biologicals 2008; 36:363-374.
  • Vyas GN, Unconventional Journals: Research Ramification. Letter, Science, 328:427, 2010.
  • Lai-Hipp C, Goldberg T, Scott E, Ziman A, Vyas GN. Pooled peripheral blood mononuclear cells provide an optimized cellular substrate for HIV-1 isolation during acute infection. Transfusion 2010; (In Press).
  • Vyas GN, Stoddart C, Fileding C, Norman J, Goldberg T, Lai-Hipp C, Brennan T. Membrane-bound HIV-envelope proteins from inactivated viri9ons of newly transmitted HIV-1 in humans are infection-free in SCID-hu Thy/Liv mouse model. (In preparation for submission to J Virol).

Selected Awards

  • 1969 Jean Julliard Prize of the International Society of Blood Transfusion

Additional Information

Girish N. Vyas, PhD
  • Professor
  • Laboratory Medicine
  • Transfusion Medicine

Specialty Area

  • Virology/Immunology of Blood-borne Infections

Contact Information

Mailing/Shipping Address:

  • UCSF
  • Girish N. Vyas, PhD
  • Laboratory Medicine, Box 0134
  • 513 Parnassus Avenue, Room S-561
  • San Francisco, CA 94143

Other UCSF Organizational Association(s)


  • UCSF Liver Center
  • AIDS Research Institute

Hospital Affiliation(s)

  • Moffitt Hospital
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