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Elizabeth M. St. Lezin, MD

Research and Clinical Interests

Transfusion Medicine, Laboratory Management, Genetics

Selected Publications

  • St. Lezin EM, Pravenec M, Wong AL, Liu W, Wang N, Lu S, Jacob HJ, Roman R, Stec DE, Wang J-M, Reid IA, Kurtz TW. Effects of renin gene transfer on blood pressure and renin gene expression in a congenic strain of Dahl salt-resistant rats. J Clin Invest 7:522-527, 1996.
  • St. Lezin E, Griffin KA, Picken M, Churchill MC, Churchill PC, Kurtz TW, Liu W, Wang N, Kren V, Zidek V, Pravenec M, Bidani AK. Genetic isolation of a chromosome 1 region affecting susceptibility to hypertension-induced renal damage in the spontaneously hypertensive rat. Hypertension 34:187-191, 1999.
  • Pravenec M, Landa V, Zidek V, Musilova A, Kren V, Kazdova L, Aitman TJ, Glazier AM, Ibrahimi A, Abumrad NA, Qi N, Wang J-M, St. Lezin E, Kurtz TW. Transgenic rescue of defective Cd36 improves insulin resistance and blood pressure in spontaneously hypertensive rats. Nature Genetics 27: 156-158, 2001.
  • Pravenec M, Landa V, Zidek V, Musilova A, Kazdova L, Qi N, Wang J, St. Lezin E, Kurtz TW. Transgenic expression of CD36 in the spontaneously hypertensive rat is associated with amelioration of metabolic disturbances but has no effect on hypertension. Physiol Res 52:681-8, 2003.

Selected Awards

  • 1997 American Heart Association, Scientist Development Grant Recipient
  • 1998 NIH/NHLBI Mentored Clinical Scientist Development Award Recipient
  • 1998 Sudikow Award for Quality Improvement, UCSF/Mt.Zion Medical Center

Additional Information

Elizabeth M. St. Lezin, MD
  • HS rofessor of Laboratory Medicine, Blood Bank Director VAMC
  • Laboratory Medicine

Specialty Area

  • Transfusion Medicine

Contact Information

  • San Francisco VA Medical Center
  • Laboratory Medicine 113A

Hospital Affiliation(s)

  • San Francisco Veterans Affairs Medical Center
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